SMBWAY Monthly Subscription- Plan 3 (Full Options)

By subscribing on plan 3, you have a tiny ERP with its full options. It means: in addition to all the features and functions of plan 1 & Plan 2, you will be able to use with the Custom Sale, Custom Production, Project Control, and CRM modules.

Custom Sale or Custom Production: One of the most outstanding advantages of SMBWAY vs. similar programs is having the ability of the custom buy and sale. It means without having the product in the store which requires to purchase and capital; you can put your producible or buyable items on your shop and sell it by getting orders.

  Project Control: Selling products or services according to a specific schedule with the option of multi pricing based on the contract period.

  •  Automatic contract generating and repeating it within a period of time
  • Grouping goods and services
  • Automatic periodic-invoice generating (weekly, monthly, …) and sending to the clients
  • Personal tasks scheduler and reminder
  • Scheduling your Services to clients, as a daily task table
  • Time-overlaps resolving in the daily task table
  • Shifting your appointments, or assigning to your staff
  • Notifying the clients or managers when the services completed
  • Planning and scheduling for your service team
  • You or the customer will be notified via a message or work-report when your assigned tasks or missions complete by your staffs


Customer Relationship Management: CRM

  • The process of return of goods by customers
  • Respond to the customers’ requests by ticket exchange
  • Automatic marketer of your new products, by showing those to your clients
  • Tracking of your shipments to the clients by themselves
  • Invoice generating
  • Automatic sending the follow-up messages to the clients for the collection of the past-due invoices via the SMS, Email, or SMBWAY messenger


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