SMBWAY Monthly Subscription- Plan 1 (Site Maker)

Dear business people and entrepreneurs, you can make a simple, bilingual, and comprehensive site with your mobile, and be a member of the global small business network.
  • With a subscription of the SMBWAY Plan 1, during a few minutes, you can make and launch your site, which will immediately be available globally.
  • You don’t need to have host, domain, technical knowledge of site design, SEO.
  • You just need a phone for taking a few pictures of your business, products, services, portfolio, and typing a short description of each one.
  • You can define your address and contact information for Google map.
  • All of the information you entered, automatically would be placed into the SEO of the search engines, and your address into the Google Map too.
  • All of the explanations and captions would be definable in a bilingual manner, Native and English, separately.
  • The number of products, services, and your portfolio with related pictures and explanations is unlimited.
  • The only limitation is 100 MB space allocation that you can purchase more space as much as you want.
  • If you referred by a representative or subscriber, then you can get a one-month free subscription to this plan.


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