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 Terms & Conditions:

  1. Courses categorized into SIX groups:
    Software & Database (Prerequisites Five semesters from ERP001 to ERP005).

    1.2. Accounting & Treasury (Prerequisites Two semesters from ERP006 to ERP007).
    1.3. Inventory / Sale / Purchase (Only one semester ERP008).
    1.4. Fixed Assets / HR / Payroll (Only one semester ERP009).
    1.5. Supply Chain & Sale / Purchase Contracts & Production (Prerequisites Two semesters from ERP010 to ERP011).
    1.6. Implementing ERP for Pizza Factory (Only one semester ERP012 – Prerequisites all Eleven semesters).
  2. Class Duration: each session is 90 minutes or 1 Hour & 30 Minutes.
  3. The Price for Each Course:  Total:  -> $450 (12 sessions) .
  4. %10 Discount for each new student referral (if you enroll five of your friends, your semester would be free).
  5. Extra Work Shop Price: $10 per hour.
  6. Installment payment is accepted: $150 Cash + Three Checks / Money Orders within three weeks, all at time of enrollment.
  7. Quality Assurance & Money-Back Guarantee: During the first two sessions if you don’t like the quality of the courses or the instructor, the total amount you paid will be refunded.
  8. Payment Commitment: Before the 3rd class if you changed your mind for any reason, you can get your money back, but after the 3rd session, you are committed to paying for the whole course, even if you don’t attend.
  9. Class Capacity: Minimum 4, and Maximum 10 persons in each session.
  10. The level of education requirement: High school 11th grade and up.
  11. Certificate:   We will give our Attendance certificate to the students who fully attend all classes regularly. All training sessions must have completed (Makeup classes are available in one on one course that you missed, for $75 per session). After you get Attendance certificate, in order to receive a Graduate certificate, you must complete a practical project related to the course’s subjects with an acceptable grade (+3.5 of 4). You have two options, either:
    1. -18 hours of workshops for only $10 per hour, or
    2. -36 hours of a flexible schedule internship (No cost for both parties, we don’t pay, you don’t pay).
  12. Certificate Accreditation: Because of newly launching the courses, we have no official certification yet. We need to pass at least three years of successful classes to earn it. Our courses are to teach and improve problem-solving and inventing easy-solutions skills. You can make your resume and work history with getting our certificates, which are acceptable by most of the companies and small businesses.
  13. Starting Date: As soon as at least four persons enrolled.

Class Scheduling Options:

Weekdays- Monday to Friday: 5 sessions= 7.5 hours Weekly

  • A)  9 –  10:30
  • B) 13 – 14:30
  • C) 15 – 16:30

Even days- Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 3 sessions= 4.5 hours Weekly

  • D) 11 – 12:30
  • E) 17 – 18:30
  • F) 19 – 20:30

Odd days- Tuesday, Thursday: 2 sessions= 3 hours Weekly

  • G) 11 – 12:30
  • H) 17 – 18:30

Odd days- Tuesday, Thursday: 4 sessions= 6 hours Weekly

  • I) 19 – 22:30 Two Session

Week Ends- Saturday: 2 sessions= 3 hours Weekly

  • J) 9 – 12:30 Two Session

Week Ends- Sunday: 2 sessions= 3 hours Weekly

  • J) 2:30 – 17:30 Two Session