SMBWAY Monthly Subscription- Plan 2 (Site & Store)

With SMBWAY If you have a store and want to buy and sell globally via online, or with marketing on the social networks, or even when you are a moving merchant, then a simple, integrated and bilingual app always is with you, in your hands, anywhere, anytime. 
Moving merchant: (Peddler, a traditional market in different cities, for some purchases such as land or property, or antique or second-hand goods, etc. You need to travel and presence on the spot. You can immediately display your purchased items on your site and sell at the same moment)

The Internet Store: By subscribing on plan 2, in addition to all the features and functions of the plan 1, you can build a bilingual online shop with the connected port to a bank account, for all of your goods and services on the SMBWAY World Wide small business network.

  • Unlimited Goods or Services definition
  • Categorizing the goods and services
  • Assigning different attributes on each category
  • Pricing based on color, size, retail, and wholesale
  • Selling the pre-ordered and out of stock products
  • Calculating weight and volume of the orders
  • Evaluating the shipping price of the orders
  •  Automatic daily updating of the sale prices, based on the exchange rate of dollar
  • Periodic special discounts
  • Definition of the multiple inventories with separate stocks
  • Automatic posting of the new products into your social networks
  • Unlimited definition of contents like articles, image, explanations for your goods & services
  • Automatic definition of your contents for the search engines
  • Showing your business or products on the top lines of the search engines’ results

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