The Founder Biography:

  • My american name is Nick Arya (old name:Mehdi Kordnavahsi), I was born at 1966 in Tehran / Iran and grow there till 2011.
  • In 1984, I Got my High School Diploma in Mathematics & Physics in Karaj / Iran.
  • In 1985, I was among the first bachelor Students of Computer Software Engineering in an accredited State University of Iran. I learned the programming languages such as Basic, Pascal, Pl/1, Cobol, Assembly, Fortran, SQL.
  • In 1986, As one of the four top students, I was introduced by the university, to the ministry of program and budget of Iran, and worked with the experienced system analysts, with the IBM 370 Mainframe, as a PL/1 programmer, for two years.
  • In 1989, When the PC’s comes, I established the first computer school and taught MS DOS & Basic for two years.
  • In 1990, I learned dBase III plus, FoxBase, and FoxPro by my own, and I translated the first 800 pages FoxPro book in Farsi and wrote the first Accounting Software with MS-DOS FoxPro, named TOTAL.
  • In 1991, I became the CFO & CIO of two big factories with 700+300 employees with a very strict boss for five years, and when I became the user of my system, I realized I must link the subsystems as an ERP to produce the integrated monthly reports.
  • During 17 years I developed TOTAL alone by adding many modules like AR, AP, Cash, Inventory, HR, PAYROLL, Procurement, sale, Retail in almost 40 types of industries.
  • In 2003, I formed a team with 11 unskilled graduated software students in my home’s basement to convert and rewrite the MS-DOS TOTAL to an Object Oriented Windows based ERP software, with Microsoft Visual Foxpro 9 and named it Visual Total.
  • During ten years we implemented and developed it in many enterprises, including automotive.
  • In March 2013, I came to the US with my family with no English background.
  • In August 2013, I studied English by my own and started MBA-Information System Management Master degree program, and after two years hard studying, I graduated in July 2015.
  • I love my job and honor it, I have been supported my customers and developed the program all the time.

The Visual Total ERP Software Overview

  • Visual Total has a flexible frame and must be customized for each executive environment, to cover all of its expectations.
  • It has 1200 built-in various reports and with its powerful Query & Report generator engines, users can create the desired reports.
  • It is fast, easy to install, run able on every normal Windows based computer,
  • It is beautiful with attractive design, with customizable menus & user interface forms by the End-Users.
  • It has special, innovative and creative engineering design, and has no resemblance to other similar programs.
  • The original version was made in 1987 by the founder with MS-DOS Foxpro in the Persian language named TOTAL and gradually developed during 17 years in 40 types of industries.
  • Visual Total can install on one or more servers, and unlimited clients can work with multi separated companies and fiscal years databases simultaneously.
  • Visual Total is runnable via the Local Area Network(LAN), or as a Remote Application by any internet access devices like Windows/Apple PC’s, Tablets, Mobiles.
  • Visual Total originally is a Persian language software which supports Multi-Language platforms, that users can define their own desirable captions, menus’ titles, reports or messages.
  • There are hundreds of parameters which must be set according to each enterprise requirements.
  • There are more than 7000 user accesses’ switches to menus’ items which will configure by the ADMIN for each user in each company and fiscal year separately.
  • There was no investor, trainer, and expert advisor for the founder at all, so he made it by himself, with his money, without copying ideas from elsewhere.
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The Founder's Appreciation Note & Worthy Goals

Appreciate the bounty of God, who creates the universe and provided me the opportunities for learning and development, with a means to serve and teach other beloved servants.

The “Visual Total Software” has been developed within 30 consecutive years as a result of my Imagination and constant effort, through the continuous support and collaboration of my clients: CEOs, CFOs, Managers, and Accountants of the commercial and industrial companies. These people, since 1987, have provided me a priceless opportunity to learn and grow.

Also, it could not have reached the goals without the creativity, dedication, and hard work of my respected team members from 2003 to 2014. They helped me run things smoothly, and I am so grateful to them.

My ultimate goal is to develop some new, efficient, and inexpensive ways of running businesses and teach the young generation around the world with different nationalities, cultures, and languages.

At last but not least, praised be to God whose confirmation and assistance have never ceased to shower upon my family and me through all these years.
Now in 2017, more prepared than any other time, I am gathering a new team in “The Land of Opportunities,” to serve the younger generation, small businesses, and the human society.


Mehdi Kordnavahsi


The ERP School from the founder's perspective

  • I got two-way experiences during my first three years in the US, and realized how the education process is going on this internet era:

    1- As a student of MBA, for two and a half years.
    2- As a professor of Database and Agile methodology in the university, for two semesters for the graduate-level students.

    In my opinion, you can not learn practical skills in the fields of business, engineering, and IT; with memorization of the courses, or copy and paste from the millions of articles and papers from the internet, or writing repetitive prototype essays, and just concentration only on the correct English writing styles!

  • My courses are not an English writing class, and I am not an English-Language instructor. We can’t face and solve the problems of the real environment, and produce, develop and support the secure, intelligent, perfect and user-friendly information system software, with writing the English essays!
  • As an entrepreneur and computer software engineer, with three decades experience in designing, creating, implementing, training and supporting my ERP software in more than 100 industrial companies, I will try to teach the course materials with the techniques for real world’s problems solving practically.
  • I design practical group-working projects for them and will want to attach screen shots of the results, and have a live presentation on the class. I’ll grade them base on their efforts, helping each other to learn, excellent presentation and their competency improvement, not only for the correct results.
  • What I love most about teaching, is interacting with multi-culture students, the energy they bring to the classroom, and creating a mutual fun learning environment.
  • Naturally, people can learn much better when they enjoy what they are doing. Thus, I believe that giving practical examples and having a happy atmosphere, make a synergy that helps the students to internalize materials.