Our Worthy Goals

  • Today, the importance of the prosperity of small businesses is obvious and clear. Since besides of our expertise on the software fields, we also have three decades of experiences as a manager of our own small software company, and a computer shop with a few staff members, so we deeply understand the problems and obstacles on the way of the small businesses.
  • The pain of the lack of capital, the high costs of renting a place, installing boards, insurances, taxes, and governmental fees. The losses due to the insufficient experience and knowledge, and not having an optimal and integrated system of inventory control, HR, payroll, customer relation, and inadequate accounting, etc. So, we learned through the experiences of those we worked for them, as well as managing our own company and shop. Yes, we totally understand the problems of small businesses.
  • We did not feel well, because we were not able to participate in exhibitions as a small business, and also, we did high-cost traditional marketing and advertising with low returns, and our market share was low.
  • Because of the lack of the Internet, or lack of optimal use of it, we needed to have long, costly, and time-consuming trips to serve our customers and keep them happy. Also, because our abilities were limited and we did a lot of repetitive and cumbersome work, so we couldn’t satisfy all customers by giving excellent services to them. As a result, we lost a lot of them; therefore, we are suffering.
  • On the other hand, due immigration and years of study, life, and research in the modern world, and learning the experiences of the successful and contemporary businesses, we now know both pain and treatment for the small businesses.
  • Our worthy goal is to share everything we learned during these three decades, to all small businesses, and young people around the world with an integrated web-based app. With the Internet, global commerce, and mobile phones, we want to eliminate the obstacles and problems for them that we experienced before. So, they can trade their talents, abilities, goods, and services around the world and achieve prosperity and financial independence for themselves and their families.
  • Our worthy goal, in brief, is to serve humanity, especially for the young generation, livelihood adjustment; by simplifying managing of the small businesses worldwide, via a perfect integrated information system, internet, and mobile.

  The SMBWAY Co-Founders

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