We run Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems in meager price and easy way, for the small and medium size of the business which has a limit capital and budget.

  • Visual Total is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software which is developed over a span of three decades, started by the founder and later developed by a supportive team of software engineers, business analysts, and professional accountants.
  • According to your business needs, we will implement and customize the information system; then we will train, guide, direct and supervise our/your employees to run the system, and enter your data regularly.
  • We will re-engineer your data-flow in your organization and run an ERP system at a reasonable price which is easy to use for the small and medium-size businesses.
  • We will organize your assets, inventory, resources, and accounts, and provide the best and most secure solution for the managers and owners, so they can track the data flow, and monitor what is going on in their business, at the real time.
  • We will show the managerial and comparable reports and will ring the alarms instantly for them; for making the best and right decisions at the right time (Dashboards).


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