Our Mission

  • As a small software company, and also as a computer shop, we worked over three decades in the field of production and support of our integrated information systems in dozens of manufacturing and commercial industries, and retail, and wholesale.
  • So, we deeply know the problems of running and managing the small, medium size businesses. Based on it, we designed a summarized, integrated system for small businesses.
  • With the increasing global trade through the Internet, large and monopolist companies are declining or downsizing due to the substantial employee, workplace, and overhead costs. On the other hand, small businesses, which are about 85% of companies in the world, are on the rise.
  • With growing the number of smaller suppliers, as well as increasing creativity, goods, and services, are becoming cheaper, more cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly.
  • On the other hand, with the growth of small businesses, there are numerous job opportunities for young people. Instead of hiring by the large corporations, and spending about 30 years of their life on getting a salary due to doing the repetitive tasks for them, the use of the individual talents and abilities, earning more revenues, and Livelihood adjustment are going to increase in the world.
  • The prosperity of the micro businesses, and earning more income for them due to trading with other nations in the world, is the reason of increasing the understanding of how the customer orientation and customer retention is essential. As a result, the passion for life, peace, calm, and friendship of the world’s people will grow. Therefore, market domination, social differentiation, racism, and prejudice to gender, nationality, color, belief, and ethnicity, which are the cause of most wars, will also be less and less. The mention reasons are indicative of the importance of paying attention to the small business boom in the present.
  • On the other hand, no business without the right accounting and information system in the field of production, trade, and effective communication between the customer and the supplier can not survive.
  • Our mission in this age of the information is to help all small businesses around the world for having a multilingual, simple, inexpensive and integrated system (ERP / BI) to efficiently market, trade and support their products and services with just one mobile phone, globally.

The SMBWAY Co-Founders

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