Accounting / Bookkeeping / AR / AP / Billing Service to the Enterprises

Dear Business President /CEO

Two of the most significant, expensive, and time-consuming problems facing companies today are:

  1. Hiring: Finding the right person, Interviewing, Training, keeping employee satisfied.
  2. Data Redundancy: Having dozens of different Apps, operated on many devices to do daily tasks.

We have ONE solution (Integrated Software + trained Operator) for both problems!

Based on the founder’s 30-year-long experience as a Software developer, and a Business Analyst, in more than 100 industrial environments, it’s my pleasure to offer this affordable, reliable, and stable solution for your bookkeeping needs and other information related issues in your business.


  • Best practical SAAS ERP System (SAAS: Software-As-A-Service + On-site Operator / Bookkeeper) Including: Installation, Implementation, Training, Data Structuring, Inventory assessment & Opening Journal including Accounting, Treasury, Inventory, HR, Payroll, Attendance, Contracts and sale/Retail Modules.
  • You don’t need to have ERP infrastructures like hardware, software, servers, network cabling, etc.
  • There is no need for back-up and maintaining your data on multiple places, and also no need for upgrading or updating hardware, software, and the information systems.
  • We can assign more people or more time per-day for you (variable staff-hours), based on your need.
  • They will do daily data entering on our ERP software remotely via the internet.
  • We can audit your accounts with separate auditors for the Quality Assurance.
  • We can Add/Customize some specific features, algorithms, and reports to the program with separate contracts in order to empower your business automation, and reduce the cost, time and the human errors.
  • We will organize your documents in a paperless manner. All papers will be scanned and attached to the transactions in the system and will be accessed just by one click.
  • We can show the managerial and comparable reports, and ringing the alarms for you, monthly, weekly, daily or instantly, to make the best and right decisions at the right time. (Real-Time Dashboards on the Smartphones, or Wide-Screens in the managers’ offices)
  • We cooperate with other companies which can provide all of your TAX filing needs with an affordable and competitive price.


Let’s have a Demo in your place.