What requirements do NOT need?

  • Domain (your Internet address: www.SMBWAY.com/your Business Name).
  • Host (your complete data will be on the SMBWAY cloud servers).
  • Shop, panel, board, sign, business permits, physical in-stock warehouse.
  • Initial capital, and major bank’s loans.
  • Traditional expensive and time-consuming marketing and advertising.
  • Printing paper-based visit card, brochure, invoice, official forms like shipping bill, receipt of cash payment or receive.
  • Buying multiple landline telephones or the internet for your office or shop.
  • Hiring of a seller, secretary, cashier, accountant, etc.
  • The clerk of AP/AR, for registering of the received/paid checks.
  • Continuously customer support by telephone.
  • The marketing costs to find new customers, providers, vendors, goods, or services.
  • The technical knowledge of designing a site and SEO.
  • Additional support and change fees for your site.
  • Additional costs for further adding of goods, services, portfolio, and comments to your site.

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