One solution for all problems of the small businesses

  • SMBWAY is made based on totally 50 years of experiences and working of the co-founders on:
  1. manufacturing and commerce fields as an entrepreneur, system analyst, and software developer; and
  2. Their own exclusive business in both cases of the store/shop, and a software company with the team working, as well as
  3. Staying and educating in other countries.
  • With SMBWAY and only one smartphone you can make a site and online-store for yourself, and doing all the operations of accounting, inventory, attendance, personal planning, payroll, HR and production without the need for technical knowledge and specialist persons.
  • SMBWAY is an Integrated system for the needs of the small businesses.
  • SMBWAY will give you the abilities of an accountant, warehouseman, cashier, secretary, seller, logistics, HR, site designer, and marketer; all-in-one integrated app by mobile on your hand.

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