ERP011- Supply2 & Production 2 & Shipping & Billing

Part 1–Supply Process / Raw Material Planning / Production / Ship / Invoice: Base on Help Tree –6 Sessions

1.Auto Receipt on Multi Entries Without QC

  • Entries Queue: Settings/Categorizing
  • Goods’ FIFO Code: Pattern/Interpreter
  • Auto Supplier’s Account Code Settings
  • Prorated Project Cost Base on Fee Index of Product As Inventory Receipt
  • Auto Journal: 3 References as Cost-Centers

2.Supply Project1: Request->Account Journal

  • Request: Group Linked Goods Selection
  • Request: Brief Method: No order Purchase & No Inquiry
  • Request: Group E-Confirm & Purchase Order
  • Entry by Security: Group Linked Goods Selection
  • Entry: Complete by Warehouseman/Group Replace
  • Auto Receipt: Analyze Order Cost Via Accounting References/Prorated Project Cost Base on Purchase Fee
  • Auto Journal: Passing Order Balances by References

3.BOM4: FIFO Raw Material Planning

  • BOM: Raw Material->Production Hall
  • Multi Inventory Analyze: FIFO Stocks & Package Unit & Move Quantity
  • R.M & Production: Lack & Surplus Analyze
  • R.M: In Transit/Lack Auto Request Analyze
  • R.M: Auto Stock Issue/Auto Inventory Move

4.R.M Stock Issue On Product Receipt

  • Form’s Type Setting Overview
  • Valid BOM & Contract for Products
  • R.M Lack Stock Analyze Full Report
  • R.M to Production Hall Auto Multi Inventory Move
  • R.M Consumption Stock Issue
  • Replace Product’s Cost in Receipt With Material + Labor + Overhead
  • Bi-directional Link Receipt With Issue

5.Product Warehouse Ship/Exit Form – FIFO

  • Ship From: Balance of Schedule of Delivery Order
  • Ship Form Browse/ Truck & Driver / E-Confirm
  • Ship Form Auto Product Selection Base on FIFO
  • Ship Form E-Confirm/Auto Invoice Settings
  • Ship Form Auto Invoice Generate from Contract
  • Auto Price & Tax Assign to Invoices from Contract

6.Auto Account Journal Generating for Invoices

  • Accounting Default Code Settings Including:
    • Sales, Inventory, Cost of Goods Sold
    • Sales Tax & Complication
    • Discount, Ship Cost, Pre-Receive
  • Mutual Passing customer’s AR with Pre-Receive
    • Accounting Sample Project:
    • Multi Pre-Receive By One Customer For Multi Orders
    • Categorized By 3 References in Journals and
    • Prorated Mutual Passing by Multi Asynchronous Invoices

Part 2–Profit/Loss Table Initializing, Analyzing Production / Purchase & Sale: Base on Help Tree –6 Sessions

7.Monthly & Yearly: Cost of Goods Sold Table

  • Analyzing Profit/Lose Table: Product by Product in Rows & Fees Month by Month in Columns Including:
  1. Quantity of: Production/Purchase & Sales
  2. Average Fees of Material, Labor, Overhead, Cost of Goods Sold, Sale, Lose or Profit
  3. Yearly Sum of the Above’s per product & Totals
  4. Inventory Beginning/Ending: Stock & Fee Per Product

8.Initializing Cost & Benefit Table 1

  • Annual(Month by Month) Production receipts Report In detail & Grouped by:
    • Product & Production Hall included Returns & Production Quantity Per Product
  • Yearly Production receipts Report with Consumption Store Issues,
    • By Query Generator, Grouped By: Product & Month Included Material Fees per Product
  • Annual(Month by Month) Production Sale Report In detail & Grouped by:
    • Product Included Return of Sale & Average Sale Fee per product

9.Initializing Cost & Benefit Table 2

  • Controlling End of each Mounts Journals
  • 12 Months Labor/Overhead/Material Summary Report Groped By Cost Centers Based on Accounting Journals
  • Grouping Material & labor & Overhead  Accounts Based on  Multi-Level Tree of Accounts

10.Initializing Cost & Benefit Table 3

  • Inventories’ Balance/Integrity Tests
  • Assign Product’s Yearly Beginning& Ending Stock in Warehouses
  • Controlling Definition of BOM’s: Seconds/ No of Persons/Cost-Centers for Each Product
  • Prorate Last Cost-Summary Report Results, to Assign labor & Overhead fees for each Product Based on Its Unit Person/Second Definition In BOM

11.Manipulating Cost & Benefit Table

  • Months Selections Columns Show/Hide
  • Product’s Items Quantity/Fee Selections
  • Product’s Yearly Average/ Net Profit/Lose Selection
  • Product’s Yearly Beginning& Ending Stock
  • Monthly Material Consumption Stock Issue From BOM & Product’s Receipts: Settings/Inventory Controls Tests
  • Monthly Material Fees & BOM Deviation Report

12.Multiple Comparative Monthly Graphs

  • Monthly Net No of Production Chart
  • Monthly Net No of Product’s Sale Chart
  • Monthly Net Amount of Product’s Sale Chart
  • Monthly Product’s Cost of Goods Sold Chart
  • Monthly Product’s Amount of Profit/Lose Chart
  • Monthly Product’s Material Fees Chart
  • Monthly Product’s Labor Fees Chart
  • Monthly Product’s Overhead Fees Chart