ERP010- Chain of: Sale Contract & Supply & Production

Part 1–Overview/Settings/Forecast/Kanban/BOM/Material Planning: Base on Help Tree–6 Sessions

1.The Supply Process Overview

  • Inventory Request of Goods/Raw Material
  • Inventory Issue/ Purchase Order for Buyers
  • Purchase Inquiry: Supplier, Price, Pay, Ship
  • Production/Purchase Contracts
  • Goods Entry From: Inquiry/ Contract

2.Prerequisite Settings/Scenarios/Strategies

  • Strategy of: Goods Entry, Receipt Generator
  • Strategy of: Inventory Update, Auto Move
  • Strategy of: Auto Receipt/Issue After Confirm
  • Goods’ Definition Settings: FIFO/Manual
  • Counters Settings: HR/Goods/Contract/Form
  • Setting: Departments/Account/HR/User/Approver /Successor/Security/Warehouseman/Supplier
  • Inventories/Goods/Form’s Type/ Begin Inventory

3.Sale/Buy: Forecast & Contracts

  • Yearly Sale Forecast for Each Customer
  • Revision History & % of Realization
  • Sale Contracts: Types, Logical No, Switches, Controls, Fees, E-Confirm
  • Contract’s Delivery Schedule: Confirm No Zero Balance/No Pass/No Suspend

4.Kanban / Sale Delivery Order

  • Kanban/Delivery Order Overview
  • Customers’ Inventories Definition
  • Customers’ 3 Kanban Permission SW
  • Customer’s Credit Balance
  • Delivery Order: User Accesses
  • Delivery Order: Issuance
  • Delivery Order: Browser/Confirm/Print
  • Delivery Order Schedule Edit

5.BOM2: Bill of Material Manipulation Details

  • Validity Controls of Goods that Belong to BOM
  • Mandatory Fields in BOM Definition Settings
  • Multi BOM For One Product Activation
  • Accounting: Cost-Centers & Codes in BOM
  • Person/Second & Process Flow Chart in BOM
  • Calculate Product Cost: Material+Labor+Overhead

6.BOM3: Raw Material Planning- Budgeting

  • Goods In Transit: Schedule/Quantity/Amount
  • BOM: Multi Products Production Forecast: Periods & Quantities
  • BOM: R.M with/Without Substitutes & Priorities
  • BOM: R.M Deficit/Surplus Stock Analyze Report
  • Including Quantity & 3 Amount, For Each Period and Each Product
  • Including Total Budget for all Periods & Products

Part 2–Request2/Purchase Order2/Inquiry2/Entry2/QC/Product Order & Receive: Base on Help Tree–6 Sessions

7.Goods Request2: More Settings & Details

  • Request: Overview/Settings/Goods Select
  • Budget, Cost Center and Requester Relation
  • Request: Issuance: Inventory Stock & Price  
  • Request: Browse/Edit/Filter/Print/E-Confirm
  • Request History: Receipt, Orders, Requests

8.Purchase Order2 & Inquiry2: Details

  • Purchase Order: Issuance/Browse/Print
  • Auto Purchase Contract Generator
  • Inquiry: Overview/Settings
  • Relation of Visitor(Seller/Buyer) & Goods
  • Relation of Minimum No of Inquiry & Goods
  • Relation of Domestic/Foreign Suppliers & Goods
  • Inquiry: Certificates & Costs
  • Inquiry: Payment/Shipment Type & E-Confirm

9.Entry of Goods Into Co by Security-2

  • Entry: Overview/Settings
  • 5 Types of Entries: Purchase Orders, Production Contracts, Return of Issue, Inventory Move, Trusteeship
  • Truck Entry&Exit: Issuance By Security
  • Entry: Complete by Warehouseman

10.Quality Control: Inventory/Entry Forms

  • Process Overview/Settings/Auditors
  • Goods/Auditor 1:N , N:1 Relation
  • Waiting List Queue: Inspect/Audit
  • QC: Audit Entry Forms into Co
  • QC: Audit  Production-Hall Entry
  • QC: Inventory Input Forms without Entry
  • QC: Issuance, Browse, Edit, Print
  • QC: E-Confirm

11.Production Order/Production hall Contract

  • Choose Products From Confirmed-BOM only
  • Contract with P-H: Type/Schedule/Balance
  • Accounting Estimate Fee: Overhead, Labor
  • Schedule: Settings/Quantity Balance/Confirm
  • Auto Raw-Material Issue Settings in Contract
  • Quality Control/ Auditing Setting in Contract

12.Receive Product from Production Hall

  • Production-Contract with Production Hall
  • Issuance Product Entry form in Production Hall
  • Product Store Receipt from Entries without Audit
  • Raw Material Store Issue from Production Hall: Controls & Calculate Material Cost of A Product
  • Calculate Product-Cost: Material+Labor+Overhead
  • Product Store-Receipt Manually Via Contracts
  • Product Store-Receipt: Confirming Controls